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We're open from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Our friendly personnel are always ready to assist with your enquiries.
Tel: 07 3224 0500
Fax: 07 3224 0599
Contact Person: Jennifer Tucker, Practice Manager
Address: Ground Floor, Boundary Court, 55 Little Edward Street, Spring Hill QLD 4000

Patient information

  • How long will I need to wait to get an appointment to see a doctor?

    The waiting time to see an ophthalmologist for a consultation at Cura Ophthalmology Specialists fluctuates and varies from doctor to doctor. Our staff will do their best to make an appointment for you with the doctor of your choice, but our doctors’ work on specific days throughout the week. If your doctor is heavily booked and it is not possible to make an appointment for you within the timeframe you require, you may elect to see one of our other doctors, but you are under no obligation to do so. Our staff will advise you of the options that are available to you.

    • How much will my appointment cost?

      We have set fees but if you hold a Medicare card you will receive a rebate. Please call our friendly staff who will advise you on the cost of your appointment.

      • Is my treatment covered by Medicare?

        If you are a Medicare cardholder, and you have a current referral, you will be able to claim a Medicare benefit to cover part of the cost of your consultations and treatment provided at Cura Ophthalmology Specialists. Our staff will be happy to provide you with information how much you are able to claim, at the time of your visit. We are able to process this claim electronically to Medicare. Please be aware that some of the diagnostic scans required do not attract a Medicare rebate.

        • Is my treatment covered by private health?

          If you have private health insurance, it will usually cover part of the medical fees you incur for any treatment provided as an in-patient in a hospital or a day surgery. Your private health insurance does not cover the cost of consultations or treatment provided as an out-patient.

          • Do we bulk bill?

            Cura Ophthalmology Specialists is a private practice and as a rule we do not bulk bill.

            • Do we treat Department of Veteran Affairs patients?

              Yes, Cura Ophthalmology Specialists will treat patients covered by the DVA as long as they have a current referral.

              • Do we have parking?

                We have secure onsite undercover parking, accessible via Hope Street (adjacent to Little Edward Street).

                • Are you close to public transport?

                  Yes, we are conveniently located in Spring Hill, just a 10-minute walk to Central station and close to many bus routes. Our friendly staff can also call a taxi for you.

                  • What do I need to bring to my appointment?
                    • A current referral – for returning patients, our staff will advise if you need to obtain a new one
                    • Any current spectacles you may wear
                    • Your Medicare card, private health insurance details and any pension or concession cards you may hold
                    • A list of current medications
                    • Any notes or imaging from previous specialists you may have seen
                    • You may wish to bring sunglasses if you are having dilating drops administered
                    • A new patient registration form, you can print this from the link provided or fill one in when you arrive.
                    • Parents of children attending the clinic – please ensure you have brought enough nappies, snacks, etc. for your children. There are amenities nearby but we do not stock these items ourselves.
                    • What should I expect at my appointment?

                      Once you have checked in with the reception staff you will be called through to see one of our ophthalmic technicians. The technician will take a patient history and perform a number of baseline tests including visual acuities. Depending on the condition you were referred for, the ophthalmic technician may perform some more tests prior to you being seen by the doctor.

                      Once the initial work up has been completed you may need dilating eye drops administered and then you will see the doctor. The doctor will then make their assessment and diagnosis and if required, arrange for the assistant to perform further testing or set up for any procedures required.

                      For any children visiting, the process is the same, the only difference being, your child will be assessed by the doctor prior to having dilating drops administered. There will then be a half hour wait whilst the drops have time to take effect, then you will be called back through for the Doctor’s final assessment.

                      Due to all the all the different assessments undertaken during your visit, the wait time will vary patient to patient.

                      • Will my eyes be dilated at my appointment?

                        This varies from patient to patient depending on the condition you are being seen for. All new patients and returning patients of more than 12 months will have dilating drops administered.

                        For adult patients, you are unable to drive for a number of hours after the drops have been administered, it is important you bring someone with you to your appointment to drive you home or alternatively use public transport.

                        For paediatric patients, it is important for parents to know the drops will last for anything up to 12 hours.

                        • Do I need to remove my contact lens?

                          You may bring your contact lens with you but please do not wear them on the day of your appointment. If you have spectacles, wear these instead.

                          For any patient attending specifically for cataract assessment, please remove contact lens one day prior to your appointment. If you wear rigid gas permeable lens, please do not wear these for a week prior to your appointment.

                          If you have any questions our friendly technicians will be happy to help.

                          • How long will my appointment take?

                            Due to the varying nature of patients seen within our practice and the assessment process, we advise patients to allow up to 2 hours for their appointment. From time to time we may experience longer delays but we endeavor to have you seen in a timely manner.

                            • I have been recommended to undergo surgery, what happens next?

                              Our friendly reception staff will advise you of the relevant forms you must fill in prior to your surgery. They will go through the cost of the surgery and where and when it will take place. Once you have left Cura Specialists’ Suites, the nominated day hospital for your surgery will contact you with further details the day before your surgery.

                              Please note, we do not quote the cost of eye surgery over the phone. The patient must be seen by the specialist to determine precisely what surgery is needed before we are able to provide a quote.

                              • What facilities are available for my child?

                                We are a predominantly paediatric based clinic so our waiting area is well equipped with a play area with books and toys. We also have a television. Whilst we do our best to keep your children entertained whilst they wait we don’t mind if you would rather bring your own toys or tablets just please keep them safe and don’t forget them.

                                We advise parents to bring plenty of snacks and nappies as sometimes the wait times can vary. There are amenities supplying these items in the area but Cura Ophthalmology Specialists do not provide them ourselves.

                                • What hospitals do the doctors operate at?

                                  We are conveniently located right next door to Queensland Eye Hospital. They are the main day surgery unit we use for all paediatric cases and some adults. We also work alongside Eye Tech Day Surgeries Spring Hill. Both of these day surgeries are located close to Cura Ophthalmology Specialists.

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