About Cura

Cura Day Hospitals Group was established in 2008 and has become the leading provider of private hospital facilities in Australia, specialising in the day procedure sector.

The business was initially created with investment from management, Doctors, and an Australian owned boutique private equity company. In 2014 Cura was partially acquired by a larger international private equity organisation whose support ensured Cura could continue its two key operational objectives: (a) investing in modern state-of-the-art equipment for its existing facilities, and (b) providing funding required to continue with the acquisition programme.

In early 2020, Cura became a majority-owned subsidiary of a prominent healthcare organisation. This provides further assurance that Cura has cemented its place in the private hospital sector.

The fundamental principles of respect and integrity in particular underpin all Cura’s activities and interactions. Cura’s commitment to excellence in patient care is evident in its hospitals continued ability to maintain accreditation to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and the relevant jurisdiction’s health department licensing. These high standards bear witness to the unwavering commitment of executive management, Cura’s local hospital managers and their teams to Quality processes and programs.

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Cura is an independent, privately owned company establishing itself as a leading provider of hospital care in Australia. It is also the largest day hospital company in Australia.


Cura Day Hospitals Group offers excellent career opportunities for nurses, health professionals, support staff and managers.

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