Initial Accreditation and Re-Accreditation as Medical Practitioners

Please contact the Credentialing Officer regarding Applications for Initial Accreditation (where the applicant does not currently hold Accreditation at the Relevant Hospital) and Re-Accreditation (where the applicant currently holds Accreditation at the Relevant Hospital) as Medical Practitioners. Please complete the below form to apply for credentialing at a Cura hospital.

The Credentialing Officer will ensure that applications are complete and requests for further information complied with, and upon being satisfied will refer applications to the Medical Advisory Committee for consideration.

Contact the Credentialing Officer

    Hospital by-Laws

    Cura Day Hospitals Group operates under by-laws that support and facilitate a quality health service that delivers safe care. 

    The by-Laws:

    • Establish the principles applying to the accreditation and defining scope of practice of practitioners
    • Govern the relationship of Cura Day Hospitals Group with its accredited practitioners
    • Set out rules for the conduct of accredited practitioners at (health service name)
    • Outline the obligations on accredited practitioners in relation to the safety and the quality of care of patients
    • Ensure that a clinical governance framework is in place to evaluate, monitor and improve the quality and safety of the health services provided
    • Set out the scope of practice for services the facility can safely support

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