10 December, 2021
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Kawana Private Hospital Announces New CEO/Director Of Nursing

Cura Day Hospitals Group is pleased to welcome Ms Claudia Teunissen as CEO/Director of Nursing at Kawana Private Hospital.

Ms Teunissen was previously employed as the Clinical Nurse Coordinator at Kawana Private Hospital.

Cura Day Hospitals Group CEO Andrew Currie said Ms Teunissen was chosen due to her extensive experience working within hospital managerial and clinical roles.

“With a career history spanning across the world and over more than two decades, she brings a wealth of experience and qualifications to this executive role,” he said.

“It is clear she is passionate about leading by example and mentoring those in the industry, as she has also published a large number of industry articles and curriculum and presented at international conferences.”

Ms Teunissen shares the same values as Cura Day Hospitals Group when it comes to providing both quality and excellent patient care, and is always striving for improvement.

Her background includes nursing in New Zealand and the Netherlands, and in Australia she has held managerial roles at a number of private hospitals.

Ms Teunissen has also completed a Master of Health Sciences with distinction.

Mr Currie also wanted to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of incumbent CEO/DoN Lisa Clissold, who will be taking on a new position as a Perioperative Services Manager.

“I want to thank Lisa for her valued contribution to the success of Kawana Private Hospital and look forward to seeing her thrive in this new role.”

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