08 November, 2021
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Cura Day Hospitals Group Unveils New Environmental Policy During National Recycling Week

Cura Day Hospitals Group (Cura) is committed to the highest quality patient care and is now using that same passion to help the environment.

As part of National Recycling Week, Cura released its National Environmental Policy to mark the beginning of its journey to achieve net zero by 2040.

Cura’s National Quality and ESS Manager, Anne Crouch, said the company is taking a proactive approach to making positive change.

“Every company, regardless of size, is part of the business ecosystem. We are embarking on this change to influence not only our suppliers, employees and consumers but the entire ecosystem,” she said.

To achieve this, Cura has adopted many of the applicable UN Sustainability Development Goals and is using a basic formula - measure, reduce and compensate.

“This involves linking actions to UN Sustainability Development Goals and measuring and reducing everything from supply chain emissions to our digital footprint,” Ms Crouch said.

“Right now we are measuring energy and water consumption across all hospitals to determine what changes can be made to reduce that usage,” she added.

The issue of plastic waste is also high on the Cura agenda, and a range of steps are already in place to cut down landfill.

“We are recycling plastic bottle tops for a manufacturer of artificial limbs and changing all the disposable curtains in our hospitals to a product which provides an extra 12 months longevity,” Ms Crouch said.

“On top of that we are also working with Fresenius Medical Care to recycle IV bags and other hospital waste via a partnering recycling company so it can be used to manufacture building products,” she said.

Each Cura hospital will also have a sustainability champion, who shares solutions around environmental challenges.

“This gives us a chance to collaborate on ideas, and share our goals and positive news throughout the group,” Ms Crouch said.

“It’s all about encouraging everyone to make sustainable changes in their daily lives, no matter how big or small.”

Cura’s vision is to be the leader and champion of environmental sustainability in the small hospital and day hospital sector in Australia.

Click here to read the National Sustainability Policy.