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ACT Endoscopy Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Cura Day Hospitals Group is pleased to announce Sarah Lee has been appointed CEO/Director of Nursing at Sydney Day Surgery – Prince Alfred.

Ms Lee is no stranger in the corridors of Sydney Day Surgery – Prince Alfred as she has been promoted from Theatre Manager – a role she held from March 2021.

Her nursing career has spanned more than 25 years and she has extensive experience in the private sector.

Cura Day Hospitals Group CEO Andrew Currie said Ms Lee is competent in clinical policy and procedures and strives for integrity in all she does.

“Throughout her career and the past eighteen months with Sydney Day Surgery - Prince Alfred Ms Lee has displayed a high level of dedication to both colleagues and patients,” 
he said.

“At a time when many things were uncertain, we remained consistent and provided quality care 100 percent of the time.”

In the past year alone ACT Endoscopy has assisted around 4500 patients with 5500 procedures.

12 gastroenterologists work out of two procedure rooms, along with 15 anesthetists and a range of support staff.

“We have built up such a positive reputation over the past decade that we definitely attract some of the best doctors in the state here at ACT Endoscopy,” Ms. Cawdell-Smith said.

“Our modern facilities, good equipment, and commitment to our patients really sets us apart.”

Originally opened by four local gastroenterologists in 2012 to cater to the growing endoscopy needs of the ACT and surrounding areas of NSW, ACT Endoscopy then became part of the Cura Day Hospitals Group in 2020.

All four doctors still work out of the facility today. While the hospital staff haven’t been there for quite as long, a few are not far off.

Ms Cawdell-Smith attributes this great retention rate to their team culture.

“We really focus on ensuring our staff feel supported and happy in their role and we place a big emphasis on work-life balance,” she said.

“I believe if our staff are happy that will transfer across to happy, well-looked after patients, and this is our priority.

“We are always striving to grow and do better, so I am excited to see what we achieve in the next decade.”

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