Ballarat Day Procedure Centre

Ballarat Day Procedure Centre Celebrates 21 Years Of Exceptional Service

As challenges and changes persist in the medical industry, Ballarat Day Procedure Centre (BDPC) celebrates over two decades of delivering exceptional service.

Twenty-one years ago, Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Robert Sheen alongside Anaesthetist Dr Greg Henderson opened the private hospital.

Ballarat Day Procedure Centre in Wendouree offers a number of procedures including Gynaecology, Orthopaedic, Urology, Ophthalmology, and Ear, Nose and Throat surgeries, along with day Oncology treatments and In Vitro Fertilisation procedures.

Annually, the hospital admits approximately 7,500 surgical and 3,000 oncology patients, who could come from as far away as Melbourne’s western suburbs and the New South Wales and South Australian border.

Chief Executive Officer, Brad Robinson, said there have been significant changes to the centre over the past 21 years, particularly in the number of patients coming through the doors.

“There has been an increase in patients, particularly over the past two years, as public sector waiting lists have grown and it has become more challenging for people to access services,” he said.

“Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the health system has shown a number of pressures including long wait lists for elective surgery and doctors’ inability to offer fully bulk-billed appointments.”

“Throughout all of this, our incredible hospital staff have continued to provide a safe, skilled, caring and supportive environment and we’re extremely proud of how they have upskilled to cope with demand and changes over the years,” he added.

As surgery practices change, more patients are able to be seen and treated in a day surgery setting rather than staying at a hospital overnight.

“While not everyone can access the treatment because of the limitations of being a day surgery facility, we were able to take some of the pressure off so Ballarat's two hospitals could focus on emergency care and complex cases involving overnight stays,” 
he said.

Mr. Robinson commended the private hospital for continuing to provide the highest level of care throughout the years.

“We are proud to have provided exceptional day surgery services to our community for over two decades and we thank our dedicated staff and valued patients for making this possible.

“Here’s to many more years of delivering high-quality healthcare with compassion and expertise,” he added.

Mr. Robinson said Cura Day Hospitals Group which owns the centre is looking to keep expanding services offered at the Howitt Street facility and is presently planning a redevelopment and modernisation of the centre.

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