Brindabella Endoscopy Centre

Brindabella Endoscopy Centre Nominated For Two Awards

Brindabella Endoscopy Centre has been recognised for its outstanding service, after being nominated in two categories at the recent ACT Health Quality Nursing Awards.

The categories were Excellence in Clinical Practice and Excellence in Quality Improvement or Research Practice.

CEO/Director of Nursing Della Trute said while the team did not take out a win this time, everyone is still proud of how far they got in the process.

“The certificates are now displayed in reception to remind the team of how hard we have worked,” she said.

“These are some of the biggest awards in the state and anything we can do to recognise our staff and show the community what we are achieving in this space is worthwhile having up on the wall.”

Since January, Brindabella Endoscopy Centre has increased feedback respondents from 54.7% of patients to 91%, giving the facility clear insight into their strengths, as well as any areas that need improvement.

“Thankfully 99% of consumer feedback has been really positive, with high praise for our nurses and the way they make people feel so welcome,”

Mr Trute said,

“It has enabled us to increase our staffing levels so everyone feels much more settled in their role, as satisfied staff then translates to satisfied patients.”

To improve the clinical practice skills of the team, Brindabella Endoscopy Centre has been focusing on education and training in 2022.

“We have changed our AED to defibrillators, we have done anaesthetic airway training and we are about to do basic life support training with the ALS component,” Ms Trute said.

“If something is going to happen 9 out of 10 times the anaesthetist is not present and we do not have backup, we have to wait for an ambulance, so we are the first line of defence.

“Our Doctors have noticed the upskilling and have commented that they are impressed with the knowledge of our staff.”

Ms Trute said she cannot wait for the awards to come around next year as now the gauntlet has been thrown, she has her eyes set on gold.

“Brindabella is an amazing facility, in a beautiful location with great staff,” she said.

“Our dedicated and skilled staff all play their part in creating such a positive environment with high level patient care, from the nurses to the admin staff, cleaners and hospitality workers.

“The senior staff dedicate a lot of time into training and supporting the newer staff to enable them to have a firm foundation and knowledge of endoscopy.

“I look forward to sharing our story with the state in coveted events such as the ACT Health Quality Nursing Awards moving forward.”

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