Brindabella Endoscopy Centre

Brindabella Endoscopy Centre Unveils New Scope Room

Brindabella Endoscopy Centre, part of the Cura Day Hospitals Group, has unveiled a new scope room which enhances their already outstanding gastroenterological services.

CEO and Director of Nursing, Della Trute explained that the upgrade served multiple purposes for the popular centre.

“The new scope room includes an upgrade of machinery to ‘MediVators’ – an endoscope reprocessing system that tests, cleans, disinfects and rinses endoscopes,” she said.

“This reduces the need for brushing scopes and minimises the repetitive strain injury risk on staff.”

The upgrade also saw the implementation of a Plasma Typhoon which is a fast drying and storage unit for endoscopes.

“This allows the scopes to be stored for up to 31 days instead of 72 hours, which reduces the wear and tear on the scopes while reducing chemical intake,” 
Ms Trute said.

Additional benefits contribute to Cura Day Hospitals Group commitment to reducing medical waste and providing the highest possible surgical outcomes and quality patient care.

“The new scope room includes a suction bag washer from Serres – a smart fluid management solution – which removes faecal waste from entering landfill.”

“While we have an excellent record in delivering quality patient care and managing risks, these upgrades ensure that our services are consistently delivered to the highest possible standard.”

“Brindabella is an incredible facility, in a beautiful location with great staff and everyone is very excited about leveraging these upgrades to further enhance our services and outcomes,” Ms Trute continued.

Brindabella Endoscopy Centre offers gastroenterological services including gastroscopy and colonoscopy with a key focus on high quality, patient-centred care.

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