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Glenelg Day Surgery Expands Services to Introduce Ophthalmology

In a dedicated effort to advance high-quality patient care and foster the growth of ophthalmology as a specialty in South Australia, Glenelg Day Surgery has strategically introduced ophthalmology to its scope of services. 

Cura Day Hospitals Group Chief Executive Officer Andrew Currie said the development encompasses a range of procedures including cataract, glaucoma, and oculoplastic interventions.

"This move aligns with our vision to promote the development of ophthalmology as a specialty for Cura Day Hospitals Group in South Australia and provide patients in the western region a more convenient location for their ophthalmology needs,” he said. 

“By extending our services to Glenelg, we aim to support the efforts at Adelaide Day Surgery and offer patients an alternative facility in a suburban setting outside of the city.” 

Emma Lyndon, CEO of Glenelg Day Surgery and Adelaide Day Surgery said a notable investment by Cura Day Hospitals Group has facilitated the addition of cutting-edge equipment including a microscope and centurion, and a new doctor has been introduced. 

“Professor Casson commenced the first list of patients on the 14th of February and with additional sessions now open, Glenelg Day Surgery proves to be a versatile multi-disciplinary facility that is well-suited for ophthalmology services,” Ms Lyndon said. 

Ms Lyndon noted Adelaide Day Surgery personnel will initially cover both facilities and as the demand for ophthalmic services grows, specialised staff will be introduced at Glenelg Day Surgery. 

“We look forward to welcoming ophthalmology nurses, with plans to leverage the expertise of Adelaide Day Surgery nurses to facilitate seamless training. 

“We are also actively exploring collaborations with local hotels to provide feasible accommodation options for patients travelling from the country or interstate,” she said. 

Glenelg Day Surgery is situated to the southwest of Adelaide, specialising in plastic and reconstructive surgery, endovascular procedures, skin cancer surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, urological procedures, cosmetic surgery and assisted reproductive procedures.  

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