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Liverpool Eye Surgery Introduces Vitreoretinal Surgery

Cura Day Hospitals Group is proud to announce that Liverpool Eye Surgery now offers a full range of Ophthalmic services, after introducing vitreoretinal eye surgery last month.

Vitreoretinal surgery is a group of advanced procedures that are performed deep inside the eye’s interior.

CEO and Director of Nursing Lois Scott said there was an extreme need for this service within the private sector in the southeast region.

“Before this, there was not a private hospital or day surgery offering vitreoretinal surgery. People would need to go on a long waiting list in the public system, or would have to seek treatment elsewhere,”

Ms Scott said.

“Patient care and serving our community is at the core of everything we do at Liverpool Eye Surgery so we are grateful we can offer this for locals.”

The most common reasons for needing vitreoretinal surgery include retinal detachment, epiretinal membrane, macular hole and complications of diabetic eye disease.

To support this, Liverpool Eye Surgery now has Alcon Constellation machine addition parts for its Zeiss microscopes as well as new instruments.

The first surgery was successfully completed on April 12 by Dr Vivek Pandya.

“Our goal is to be recognised as a regional centre of excellence for ophthalmic day procedures and this is just another way we are achieving that,” Ms Scott said.

“All our staff follow shared values and beliefs to provide the highest quality of service, and I would especially like to thank Dr Vivek Pandya and those assisting him for their dedication to vitreoretinal surgery and being the first to complete a procedure at Liverpool Eye Surgery.”

Liverpool Eye Surgery has two operating theatres and has been an essential medical facility within the southeast region for more than a decade.

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