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Perth Eye Hospital Remembers Healthcare Workers Who Lost Their Lives During the Pandemic

The main staff room at Perth Eye Hospital has been transformed with a colourful flower wall, in recognition of healthcare workers who have lost their lives after contracting COVID-19.

It is estimated since the pandemic hit in January 2020, around 300,000 health care workers could have died from the virus.

Perth Eye Hospital OSH Coordinator Jane Best said they wanted to do something to remember these health heroes.

“No data body can really confirm how many healthcare workers have lost their lives, but the World Health Organisation predicted between January 2020 and May 2021 80,000 to 180,000 health workers could have died from COVID-19, and twelve months on it is said to be around 300,000,” she said.

This is why the staff at Perth Eye Hospital are being encouraged to colour in a flower in the main staff room and add it to the wall.

“It provides an opportunity for us to remember these people and recognise the sacrifice they have made to help their community during this health crisis,”
 Ms. Best said.

“We are aiming to have 60 flowers on the wall, with each one representing 5000 lives lost.”

Ms. Best said Perth Eye Hospital is dedicated to developing a culture where safety and health are respected.

“In general health care is not considered a ‘high risk’ area for serious accidents, unlike the construction or mining industries.

“The arrival of the pandemic, however, posed a threat to the health industry that no one could have imagined or predicted.

“This is why we are doing all we can to support our staff and their health – including their mental health – during this unpredictable era for our industry.”

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