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Riverina Day Surgery Opens Refurbished Endoscopy Reprocessing Room

Riverina Day Surgery has the capacity to book more endoscopy appointments, with the refurbishment of its reprocessing room now complete.

The project was staged over the past few months to avoid too much disruption, included gutting the whole room, installing four new Automatic Endoscopy Reprocessing Units, adding a new adjustable height double sink, installing a new storage system and moving a door frame over.

Riverina Day Surgery CEO/Director of Nursing Megan King said the refurbishment brings a range of benefits for both staff and patients.

“Updating our three older reprocessing units,and adding an extra one allows for a more efficient processing time which means a quicker turnaround. They also have the ability for enhanced tracking of the reprocessing process” she said.


“This means our community has better access to our services as we can book more procedures.

“The adjustable sink allows staff to move it to an individual’s comfortable work height and addresses OH&S concerns for our staff.”

The endoscopy reprocessing room plays a pivotal role in the workflow at Riverina Day Surgery, as it is essentially a sterilising department but for colonscopes and gastroscopes.

“It was a real community collaboration to get this project done while also ensuring it didn’t impact the patients we had booked in,” Megan said

“Local tradespeople including plumbers, electricians, plasterers and the Ecolab team were engaged in the works, and worked well together to ensure there was very little downtime.

“The major works were completed in just four working days, and only one theatre was closed during that time.”

Riverina Day Surgery provides a range of specialist surgical services to the Riverina community, and staff are constantly working to improve on the already exceptionally high level of care provided there.

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